The simplest, most effective parenting program for raising happy, well-behaved children
• 2016 Mom’s Choice Award Winner
• 2016 National Parenting Product Award Winner
• 2016 Family Choice Award Winner
“1-2-3 Magic made parenting fun again.”
“My three-year-old has become a different little girl and she is so much happier now.”
“All I have to say is that the ideas in this book really WORK! It really is like magic!”
“Our home has become a much more positive place.”
The sixth edition of the 1.8 million-copy bestseller 1-2-3 Magic by internationally acclaimed parenting expert Thomas W. Phelan, Ph.D. compiles two decades of research and experience into an easy-to-use program designed for parents striving to connect more deeply with their children and help them develop into healthy, capable teenagers and adults. Dr. Phelan breaks down the complex task of parenting into three straightforward steps:
1. Helping your children learn how to control their emotions and refrain from negative behavior, including tantrums, whining and sibling rivalry
2. Encouraging good behavior in your children and providing positive feedback
3. Strengthening your relationships with your children to reinforce the natural parent-child bond
Along with other highly-respected parenting classics such as How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk, Parenting with Love and Logic, the 5 Love Languages of Children, No Drama Discipline and the Whole Brain Child, 1-2-3 Magic is an essential tool for parents hoping to connect more deeply with their children.