For you to live in this world like an invisible person, you must begin to live from another world (John 3:13).

This world is corrupted and has been judged, thus everyone who wants to make the most of Destiny must connect to a superior government high above the decay this evil world imposes on vulnerable men. Download the Laws of Encounter on telegram:

About Orokpo

Apostle Michael Orokpo is the President and founder of ENCOUNTER JESUS MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL (EJMI). A preacher to the youth, He is fiery and carries a message of revivals to quicken the feeble in the nations.

He is a passionate soul winner and teacher of the gospel. He is a living witness and communicator of the immortal realities of God. His love for God is compelling and challenging.


Encounter Jesus Ministries International (EJMI) is a non-denominational, inter-denominational ministry with an apostolic mandate to raise believers who are sustaining an experiential knowledge of God and walking in the fullness of their eternal ordinations.

Our Tagline: Experiencing intimacy, transformation, and dominion

Our Mission:
Sustaining an experiential knowledge of God and walking in the fullness of our eternal ordinations.

Our Vision:
To raise a tribe of sons that do the will of their heavenly Father; Priests that bear the burdens of their Lord and Kings that advance the Kingdom of their God and reign in life. (Eph 4.11-13).

National Ecumenical Centre (hall 2), behind CBN Central Area, Abuja.